Yume Town in Hatsukaichi

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Today and tomorrow are looking nice with highs in the high 20s and mostly sunny weather. The beginning of the week may see rain on Tuesday or maybe not...right now, they're calling for about a 50% chance of rain. What can you do? It's rainy season after all...

As I'm sure you know, the Yume Town in Hatsukaichi opened earlier this week. Before the opening, I'd heard from various people that it was going to be the biggest Yume Town in Western Japan and that it was going to be different from other Yume Towns.

I saw the map of the mall and was seriously disappointed. Sure, it's big. It's really big by Hiroshima standards. It's 3 floors of shopping! How can you complain about that? You can't. But I'm sure it'll be a while before I head there.

For one, I hate crowds and Hiroshimans love new things. So, whenever a global brand comes to Hiroshima or a new shop opens, I avoid it for about 3 months or so. Then, once the 'honeymoon period' is over, I can swoop in and enjoy it without the headache of the massive crowds.

But the main reason I won't go anytime soon is that there doesn't seem to be anything there to make me want to head all the way out to Hatsukaichi. I was under the impression that it'd be different from other malls, but looking at the map, it seems to be exactly the same...I heard two people tell me about their experience and both of them spent more time talking about the parking garage than the mall...ha ha! To me, that isn't exactly a ringing endorsement, is it? It can't be a good thing when the most interesting thing about a new mall is the parking area...ha ha!

The only thing that seems interesting enough to make me want to make the trek there (it's about 35-40 minutes from my house) would be the Kappa Ebisen shop. For those of you who don't know, here's a picture of Kappa Ebisen.
kappa ebisen 

Yeah, they're shrimp flavoured Cheetos...they go surprisingly well with beer...anyway, apparently you can watch them being made and then eat them fresh out of the oven (or deep fryer) and they have some other flavors that you can't get anywhere else...

Basically, it's just another local shopping mall. It's great for the people of Hatsukaichi. I'm sure it'll be a popular place for people to go-especially for those people who were tired of coming downtown to do their shopping, but I can't understand what all the hype is about...can somebody tell me why it's such big news?

Have a great day!

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