My paper swings too far to the right...

Good morning everyone,

It's not bad at the moment, but it's looking more and more like we're going to see some rain from the approaching typhoon starting from this afternoon. Then tomorrow, it'll be rainy and windy which may continue into Saturday, but should clear up early Saturday morning. Sunday and the early part of next week is looking sunny, hot and is summer after all.

Do any of you read the English newspaper that I subscribe to? I tend to skim over the politics in it because the paper is a bit too right-wing for me. The only reason I chose it was because it is a fair bit cheaper than my only other option, the Japan Times. However, in light of the reporting on the passing of the new security bill (the one that allows Japan's Self Defence force to engage in combat overseas-among other points) has forced me to reconsider.

Here are some examples of how the passing of the bill is being reported in other Japanese papers; 'railroaded', 'rammed', 'forced', 'steamrolled'. All of these words describe how governments with a  majority pass bills that they support despite opposition from other parties and, more importantly, the public. Japanese people have overwhelmingly stated in countless polls that they are against the bill, which basically changes the pacifist portion of the constitution, but the government is still insisting on passing the bill.

When a bill is 'rammed' through the government, they are ignoring the will of the people and passing the bill because they can. To be honest, I'm undecided on whether the bill is good or bad for Japan. However, I'm completely against the process that the LDP is using to pass it.

Oh...and how did my newspaper report the railroading of the bill? They said, 'Lower house set to pass security bill'. That's all! They didn't mention the opposition to it or the fact that this scene occurred inside the legislation...
anti bill protestors 
...and this one outside...
anti bill protests

Nothing. Just that it 'passed'. It's not too hard to guess which paper supports the LDP, is it? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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