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Good morning everyone,

Enjoying the weather?! It's going to be an exciting trek to work this morning...I still haven't decided whether I'll be walking or riding my bike. This weather is supposed to continue for most of the day and then tomorrow it'll pass and we'll see sunny and hot weather from Sunday all through next week.

Guess what?! You know how Japan loves to be Number One at things in the world? Well, now it looks like Japan will soon start construction on the first ever stadium that will cost more than $2 billion (in yen...Y252,000,000,000). Not the first Olympic Stadium. The first stadium in the world that will cost over $2 billion. There are 5 stadiums that cost more than a billion each, but none were close to this price.

When the Olympics were originally won, the cost for the stadium was predicted to be around $455 million. So why has the price more than tripled? There are a few reasons-labour costs, the weak yen, the increase in the consumption tax-and the fact that they understated the cost to begin with are all factors. And do you know what the scary part is? Actually, there are two scary parts.

One is that the price will likely continue to soar, so by the time it's actually built, it could cost even more than $2 billion. Do you think it could hit $3 billion? Who knows? Especially with ex-PM Mori at the helm (also known as the Amakudari King...ha ha!)

And the second is that there is a good chance that it won't be finished in time for the 2019 Rugby World Cup (as they had promised) or even for the start of the Olympics!! That's right! A lot of the features will be added after the why are we paying for them with OUR tax dollars!

And what will all of our hard-earned money be spent on?
tokyo olympic stadium

And just in case you're interested...Greece was the first country to go over budget by more than 300%. And look what is happening in Greece...could we be next in Japan?!

Have a great day! And do go outside unless you have to! It's not safe out there!

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