What do you know about Canada?

Good morning everyone,

There's been a change in the forecast-we can now expect to see some rain tonight and tomorrow and highs of 29C both days before it clears up (and heats up) from Thursday. It'll be sunny and hot the end of the week with highs expected around 33C and 34C.

So, how much do you know about Canada?

What stereotypes do you think of when you think of that large country to the north of the US? Do you think we're pretty much the same as Americans? Actually, we're really different. It's safer in Canada. A lot safer. We're way more easy-going. And it's true, not much really happens in Canada-which we think is a good thing.

Check out this video of some Japanese young people being asked questions about Canada. I've seen videos like this before and a lot of the comments and stereotypes were pretty negative-which probably explains why young people in Japan aren't that interested in travelling, studying or living abroad anymore.

Be sure to watch the whole video to see what these youngsters know (and don’t know) about Canada!

Could you see it? Posting videos on here is really hit and miss, so if you can't open it and watch it, check it out on YouTube. It's by Rachel and Jun, they've got a few fun videos you can check out!

As a Canadian, I can't complain about what they say for the most part-yeah, we've got maple syrup; yeah, it's cold; yes, Justin Bieber is Canadian (but we don't like to admit it) and yes, we're awesome...ok, so maybe that one wasn't in the video...I just added it based on my year's of experience as a Canadian! Ha ha!

Oh, and for those of you who think Canada is just 'America's Hat'. Well, we like to think of America as 'Canada's Shorts'...ha ha!

What do you think?

Have a great day!

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