Keeping Cool

Good morning everyone,

Well, I got rained on on the way home last night and I may get rained on on the way to work this morning. And to be consistent, it's looking like I may get rained on tomorrow morning as well. It's nice to know that rainy season has ended...(that's sarcasm! Ha ha!) From Friday it should clear up and, of course, heat up-we'll see highs in the mid-30s from Friday and all through the weekend.

How can we keep cool in this steamy weather? I see more and more people wearing shorts these days. This makes me happy for two reasons-one, it's nice to see people breaking free from social constraints and doing their own thing. And two-and this one is more important-now, people won't stare at me as the only man over 25 wearing shorts when I go to the mall...ha ha!

Or we can eat ice cream-this is never a bad choice! Well, unless you're on a diet. But I've recently found 'Shirokuma' from Sunkus and it's so great! I ate two of them last weekend! That won't help me get ready for my marathon...ha ha!

But I found another way to enjoy cold foods without blowing my calorie count for the day! Actually, once I start increasing my distance, I won't be too worried about calories-but I still need to keep an eye on the fat and sugar percentages and eat more protein...

Anyway, it's no big secret, but putting stuff in the freezer makes it taste so great in the summer! I was watching a program the other day and the reporter was interviewing people on the street and asking them what sort of foods they chilled for the summer. There were a whole bunch of different answers-only three of which I remember-and only two of those were tempting for me to try. The three I recalled were; ume boshi, potato chips and cherry tomatoes. Now, I love ume boshi, but I'm pretty happy with it the way it is, so I didn't put it in the freezer.

I did try potato chips and cherry tomatoes though. And both were good! If you're a potato chip fan, you'll love them from the freezer. They are cold and refreshing and being frozen makes them lose a lot of the oily taste. If you're not a big fan of potato chips to start with, it probably won't change your mind. I did it once and I like them, but I'm not really a 'chip guy' to start with, so I doubt I'll do it again.

Cherry tomatoes, on the other hand were great! I'll definitely be keeping some of those in the freezer all summer. If you take them out and let them sit for a couple of minutes, they taste just like eating sherbet (or sorbet-don't ask me the difference! I think they're basically the same thing). They were so refreshing and it felt like I had just eaten ice cream without any of the sugar or fat! The joy of ice cream without the guilt! Woo hoo! And, you can try dipping them in a little salt as well if you like. I thought that a little sea salt made them taste even sweeter!

How about you? What do you keep in the freezer to help you cool down in the summer?

Have a great day!

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