PM Abe and the terrible , horrible, no good, very bad week

Good morning everyone,

It's still raining at the moment. Is it just me or has it rained every day since rainy ended? Ha ha! The rain should end later this morning and become clear tomorrow. It'll be warm and sunny for the rest of the week with mostly fine weather and highs in the low to mid 30s. Make sure you keep hydrated! Over 6,000 people have been hospitalized for heatstroke so far this month and it's only going to get hotter...

Even in the best of times, I wouldn't want to be the prime minister, but this week I imagine the life of PM Abe has gone from bad to worse...

It all started with the ramrodding of the security bills through parliament. The politicians in the LDP are not idiots-of course they knew there would be some decline in their popularity, but I'm guessing they expected it to be rather small and short-lived. That hasn't been the case at all.
pm abe popularity

Shortly after the bills were passed, PM Abe announced that he had decided to scrap the original plan for the 2020 Olympics main stadium and start again from scratch. I guess he was expecting people to be distracted by this idea and forget about the security bills. Well, that hasn't happened at all...not to mention that the papers showed today that Y5.9 billion from the fees paid to the original designer is non-refundable. Just think what I could do with Y5.9 billion yen...<sigh>

Then he decided to do some skits on tv to explain to people why Japan needed the security bill. That didn't go down very well...first of all, the 'fires' looked like raw meat and the explanation was like something we might see on 'Sesame Street'. Does he really think we are all that stupid?! But the most offensive of all was somehow comparing going to war to putting out fires. Really? Is it that simplistic? Anyway, he has been taking a beating for the appearance on tv for the overly dumbing down of the situation and the amateurish look of the thing.

I'm guessing that of all the people in Japan who are looking forward to the weekend, PM Abe will be shouting TGIF the loudest. Ha ha!

Have a great day!

PS The title of this blog is from a children's book that was written in the 70s by Judith Viorst. It's a classic and was recently made into a children's movie.

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