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Are you enjoying this hot, sunny weather? It should continue for the foreseeable future-all of next week is calling for the same weather...highs around 32C and mostly clear skies. Be thankful that we're not in Kanto-some places are expected to get up to 39C or 40C this weekend! There is a typhoon heading towards Japan, but it's tough to say whether it's going to affect us or not. If it does pass our way, it'll be some time on Monday that it does.

If you've ever slurped a shake in Japan, there's a good chance you've tasted coffee jelly. Or maybe you had it while enjoying a sundae at a family restaurant. Or maybe you've had it in a cup with some condensed cream poured over it.
coffee jelly
If you've been in Japan for more than a week or two, you've probably come across coffee jelly. It's a light, slightly sweetened dessert that has the same texture as Jell-O back home, but because it's coffee flavoured it has a more mature image.

The other day, one of my students brought a few cups in for me and the other students in the class to try-it was so delicious!

What might seem strange to most Japanese people is that it is much less common back home. In fact, I had never had coffee jelly before I came to Japan. I'd never even heard of it! And even when I first got here, I avoided it like the plague. I couldn't imagine what coffee-flavoured Jell-O would taste like. Well, I guessed it would taste like coffee...ha ha! But, what I mean is, I couldn't imagine it being very good.

But it is! It's a really light and refreshing treat in the summer that appeals to those of us who indulge in too much sugar and chocolate most of the time and are looking for something a little healthier. Or for others who aren't really big fans of sweets...or for those of us whose family and friends believe that Jell-O and chocolate bars are for kids and now that we are adults, we should enjoy more adult-like sweets. It's the best of both worlds! It keeps the kid inside you happy! And the adults around you happy too!

How about you? Do you enjoy having a bit of coffee jelly every now and then?

Have a great day!

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