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Good morning everyone,

It's looking like it's going to be another sunny day out there. After two days of unsettled weather, we can now enjoy two days of sunny and warm(?) weather. Highs will be 32C both today and tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. Sunday and Monday are looking like they might be cloudy and rainy, so if you're planning on going to visit any family member's graves, you'd better do it before then.

Yesterday, I cleaned my apartment and set up a new shelving unit for my bathroom and...and...actually, that's it. It was very relaxing, but a bit here are some things that were in the news. (I know you already know about most of these things, but it's good to see how we would report them in English).
  • There was an explosion at a petrochemical plant in Tianjian, China that was so huge, it shattered windows several kilometres away and could actually be seen from space! Scores of people have been killed and hundreds have been injured in the city of 15 million.
  • To all Japanese men out there whose wives have a young lover-be careful! Yesterday, a  young man beat up his lover's husband and then cut off his penis with some garden shears and flushed it down the toilet...seriously?! Haven't these people ever heard of a 'divorce'?
  • McDonald's lost a record amount of money in Japan over the first half of 2015. Between some food scandals and people's changing tastes, they company recorded a loss of Y26.2 billion.
  • That sounds like a lot of money, doesn't it? Well, it did to me too...until I read how much in debt the Japanese government is. I always joked about it till now, but this number is serious. Are you ready? The government is in debt for Y1,057,000,000,000,000 or Y1.057 quadrillion yen. Just in case you don't think that sounds like a lot, it is about triple the debt that Greece had when it declared bankruptcy.
  • Over 50% of Japanese assemblywomen report having been sexually harassed at work. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for changing attitudes in Japan, is it?
  • A man was delivering newspapers in Aichi when he was shot with a crossbow. He was shot in the chest, and then stabbed, and is now in stable condition in hospital. I wonder if they were fighting over a woman?
  • A man in Mie was arrested after a woman was found dead in a love hotel.
  • And last, but not least, Kenjiro Sano, you know, the guy who designed the Tokyo Olympic...or should I say, copied and pasted the idea from a couple of other designs he found on the internet. Well, he's in hot water again. Suntory has found that a bunch of designs he did for them were also copied from the internet. Is he a designer? Or just really, really good at cutting and pasting images...?
Hmmm...I'm scrambling to find some 'good' news, but not having much luck. I guess good news doesn't sell many papers, eh? Wait, here's one:
  • Hisashi Iwakuma became only the second Japanese pitcher to throw a no-hitter in the US last night. The first one was Hideo Nomo who did the feat in 2001.
That counts as good news, right?

Anyway, have a great day!

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