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Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was pretty hot and today won't be much cooler. The highs today and tomorrow will be 33C although tomorrow is likely to feel cooler due to the clouds and possible rain. Monday is also looking rainy and then the rest of next week will be a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the mid 30s, so if you were looking for cooler weather after the obon holiday, you're going to be disappointed.

Yesterday, I met up with my Bali travelling buddies and we finalized the details for our trip to Bali and other than that I didn't do much. I went for a run in the morning and then did some cross-training in the afternoon. My left hamstring was a bit tired at the time, but feels fine this morning. And last night my heel/Achilles (I still can't pinpoint the exact source of pain in my right foot.) was aching last night, but is also much better this morning, although I may either take today off or just go for a short run today...

I need to do something else during the day though...I can't count on there being any news to comment on this time of year. It's all about the war...I read a long article about the war and the international images of Japan and Germany after the war and it was very interesting, but also very long and complicated and difficult to explain.

The only other things in the news were the bodies of more murder victims being found in parking lots, submerged cars and love hotels. What's going on in Japan this summer? Is it something to do with this heat?! 

Oh...and sharks. There are lots of sharks in the news too. In all my years in Japan, I don't remember ever reading or hearing about a single shark off the coast and this year there are numerous sightings. Nothing around Hiroshima though...mind you, there aren't any beaches for us to hang out at anyway...ha ha! The closest places we have to beaches are Karuga Beach in Kure and Tsutsumigaura in Miyajima. While they are both beaches, there isn't anything about them that makes them feel like a beach area...there are no shops selling...well, there are no shops at all. There are no surfers, no beach bunnies, nothing besides a couple of hundred metres of sand and the odd deer or two.

Do you know what I mean? Probably not. It's difficult to explain, so let me show you. As we say in English, a picture can say a thousand words.

Here are two pictures, one each of Karuga and Tsutsumigaura.
beach karugabeach tsutsumigaura 

And here is a picture of a beach in Kanagawa.
beach shonan

Now can you see what I mean? The beach in Kanagawa looks a party on the beach! The beaches in Hiroshima are more like campgrounds that just happen to be nearby some water and sand. To be honest, I do enjoy them,  but it'd be nice to have a beach like this to go to every now and then.
beach wasaga
Do you recognize this one? I doubt it. It's a place called Wasaga Beach in Ontario that's on a freshwater lake, not the ocean...we don't need an ocean to enjoy the beach! Especially not in Ontario, where the nearest ocean is about a 15 hour drive away...and that won't even get you to a nice beach...

Have a great day!

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