Now, I understand that, in English, “flat-chested” has mildly derogatory connotations (imagine how a guy would react if you described him as having “micro junk” or something), but trust me, in this case I’m literally just directly translating. Japanese has so many words for the varying sizes, textures and shapes of breasts that it would make your head spin.


When one is able to describe breasts in one word with the same amount of detail a sommelier might describe the varying flavor notes of a particularly complex wine, well then, it’s no wonder Japan has a bit of a breast-loving reputation.

Anyway, it turns out Hayakawa’s designs are answering a serious market need, as small-chested ladies from Japan over hustled to the home page to place their orders, totally overwhelming Hayakawa and her small staff within hours of the shop going online.


Hayakawa, who was a mere Freshman at her fashion school at the time of making these designs, no doubt expected her lingerie sets to hold a bit of niche appeal, as she has announced she’ll be running out of supplies after one more round of orders. But, Japan being a capitalist nation, we can imagine she’ll find some way to boost supply if demand keeps rolling in.

It’s nice that, here in boob-obsessed Japan, the (not as plentiful as you think) small-busted ladies now have a tailor-made product to help them feel sexy in their nightwear too. In my opinion, the tops are pretty cute, but the bottoms? Well, they look a bit like diapers, don't you think?


I doubt Hayakawa will be able to accommodate shipping to foreign countries, but if you’re in Japan and want to get your hands on the whimsically-named “Fairy Feather” or “Angelic Wing” sets, you can check if they’re still available at

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