Hatsukaichi Youme Town

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be a rainy morning. In fact, if you're a late riser (the opposite of an early bird), it's probably already started to rain. It'll continue throughout the morning, getting heavy at times, before easing up around lunchtime. The rest of the day will be cloudy, then tomorrow will see some sunny weather before giving way to clouds again on Wednesday and lasting through the week. Will this cloudy weather bring cooler temperatures? Nope. Sorry. It's going to remain in the mid-30s all week.

So, I finally went to the Youme Town Shopping Centre in Hatsukaichi. I'll admit that it's pretty big...but I have to say that I wasn't very impressed. When it was first opening, I heard that they were planning on having a bunch of shops that we normally couldn't find in a mall, but I didn't think so. They were all just the same old shops we can see anywhere.

It's great for Hatsukaichi people-it's got everything they need apart from a department store-so they won't have to come downtown to do their shopping anymore...unless they want to, of course. But, on the other hand, there wasn't anything there to tempt me to go again...once was enough! Ha ha!

I suppose I was put off a little by the crowds, the shops weren't that busy whenever I popped in to look around, but the restaurants and food court were so crowded. I figured it'd be my one and only time going there, so I decided to go to a tempura restaurant (I haven't really noticed tempura restaurants at other malls). It was pretty good actually, but I ended up waiting about half an hour. It's the longest I've waited for a table in ages. It was good, but it certainly wasn't worth the wait...

I think I'll stick with Al Park as my 'go to' mall. It's close, not so crowded and has a movie theatre and department store. The only downside is there aren't that many restaurant choices, but I can put up with that. There are more than enough places to go to between here and there that I don't need anything special at the mall. As long as there's a good coffee shop, I'm happy.

Do you have a similar feeling about the new Youme Town? Or do you think I missed something?

Have a great day!

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I don't like a big shopping mall like Yume Town ,even though I admmit that there is a variety of goods there.To be honest, I can't put up with the gigantic space of a mall and the crowds. So I stick with a very small grocery store near my house- it's quiet and safe.The only downside is that kinds of goods are very limited, ha ha!