The people are coming, the people are coming!

Good morning everyone,

Well, the weather isn't looking too good for the next 2 or 3 days. I hope you don't have any camping trips or bbqs planned this week, because they're now saying that it's going to rain for the rest of the week. It should clear up and be nice for the weekend, so don't cancel your weekend plans just yet...

Never mind...they're not coming.

(Just to explain the expression, "The people are coming! The people are coming!" was a catchphrase used by The Toronto Zoo when I was a kid and it's still really popular back home, but nobody else seems to know about it. We use it as a joke among our friends and co-workers to describe a situation where it's about to get really busy)

So, last week, all I kept hearing about was that there was going to be an invasion of Chinese tourists in our little city. I think half of the people were excited about the idea (shopkeepers of course), half the people dreaded it (shoppers like me) and half the people were hoping that they would have some gossip to talk about when the Chinese tourists didn't follow Japanese social customs.

It looks like the only ones who ended up happy were the ones like me. It seems that the tour group that planned the trip to Hiroshima budgeted just 6 hours to visit Miyajima and Peace Park and if they had any time left over, they could go shopping. Anyone who lives in Hiroshima can tell you that trying to get over 6,000 people organized and then taken to those places (and have lunch) would take up the 6 hours easily.

So, there was no shopping frenzy in Hiroshima last Saturday. I should have gone to a mall or department store. I probably would have got the best service ever, as all the shops had prepared extra staff to deal with the onslaught of customers who never came.

According to one of the Chinese tourists, they didn't really want to go shopping till the last day of their trip anyway. Besides, of all the cities that they are visiting, wouldn't you say that Hiroshima is the one that has more important things to do and see than go shopping? 

I'm sure any shop owner would disagree with me, but I'm proud of them (the tourists) for keeping their priorities straight. If you come to Hiroshima, shopping should be the last thing on your mind.

Anyway, I heard that there will be at least 4 or 5 more large cruise ships pulling into Itsukaichi Port before the end of the year, so we may be invaded by the shopping hordes yet...

Have a great day!

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