Dangerous Japan

Good morning everyone,

Two nights ago I got drenched on the way home, luckily last night I beat the heavy rain home. Today they've changed the forecast and are no longer calling for rain, but it will remain cloudy all day. Tomorrow morning will also be cloudy and then clearing up in the afternoon before giving way to sunny weather on both Sunday and Monday. The clouds will return on Tuesday and then rain on Wednesday and Thursday as it looks like we may be getting hit by a typhoon in the middle of next week...

Ok...ok...I know Japan is safe. Well, when Japanese people call Japan 'safe', basically they mean that we don't really have to worry about being killed by other people-which is true. So, what does kill people in Japan? Obviously, like most developed countries, illness accounts for most deaths in Japan with cancer and heart disease at the top of the list. But here is a list of things that kill people. It is by no means meant to be a complete list-I just found the most common or most interesting ones and mashed them together.

These figures are all averages and can’t really be used as an effective measure of risk while living in Japan since lifestyle and location play a huge role in many of these threats. However, it can clearly be seen that many of the things which people fear the most (like bears and volcanoes) turn out to be the least dangerous statistically, whereas the things that we take for granted (like baths and stairs) are the ones that kill the most.

And it would seem that by far the thing that people in Japan take for granted the most is their own well-being and mental health. Why is it that so few people considering suicide seek help? Is there a stigma against going to counselling? Or is there a lack of awareness about the help that's out there? Or, even worse, is there a lack of help available?

Anyway, this list was just for making conversation...have a great day!

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