Newsworthy or not...

Good morning everyone,

Last night was pretty much the same as the previous two nights, we had a few minutes of heavy rain between 9 and 11 and then it was over. Luckily, I beat the worst of it last night-it didn't really start pouring until I was already home. Today and tomorrow will be sunny and hot and then we'll see clouds roll in on Monday and rain (along with a typhoon) on Tuesday. I'm sorry, but I'm doing absolutely nothing to prepare for this typhoon. I'm suffering from 'typhoon warning fatigue'...ha ha!

There were a few things that were in the news yesterday...
  • They arrested the guy who murdered the two school kids in Osaka. I can't think of any reason to show leniency or any need to have a long, drawn-out court case. Let's save the country a lot of money and string him up today. (If this were the old west, I would have been a member of a lynch mob for sure...ha ha!)
  • Uniqlo has introduced a 4-day work week for working mothers. What an awesome idea! Well, it isn't that unique, but it's very progressive for conservative Japan. Hopefully, this is a sign of more changes to come!
  • The nuclear power plant that was restarted in Kyushu? Yeah, it isn't even up to full power and already alarms are going off. This is the kind of thing that will add fuel to the fire for all of the anti-nuclear activists in Japan (count me among them).
  • Do you know the name, Kenjiro Sato? He's the guy who designed the Olympics logo. Or should I say he's the guy who cut and pasted a few different images from the web to make the logo. He's in more hot water for other designs he's made. Is it just me or have I written about this before? Well, yes I have, but it was a different logo. What's the total number of logos that have been copied up to now? 5? 6? Has the guy ever come up with a single original idea?
  • Have you heard of Freshness Burger? We used to have one or two in Hiroshima, but now there are none. Which means we'll be unlikely to enjoy Frebar. Frebar is a bar that is owned and operated by the same company and sells appetizers and drinks for insanely low prices. They even have 1-hour all-you-can-eat prosciutto for only Y500! It's almost worth the trip to Kanto...or hopefully I can just be patient and wait until they eventually open one up here as well...
Have a great day!

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