Is it two times or not?

Good morning everyone,

It's looking like another gorgeous day out there! If you think it's too hot, get up and go for a walk before 6:00am. It's actually pretty comfortable. We can expect rain tomorrow-heavy at times, as the typhoon passes to the west and north of us. The rain may continue into Wednesday, depending on the speed of the typhoon and the exact route it takes. As usual, it looks like the worst of it will by-pass Hiroshima. Thursday will see the hot, sunny weather return and continue to the weekend.

When I first started buying my dish soap at places other than the dollar store (that's what we call the Y100 shop), I switched back and forth between 'Joy' and 'Cucute', before finally settling on 'Joy'. I don't think there's that much difference between the two to be honest, but I like using the same dish soap rather than switching back and forth.

However, I don't want to hear anyone complaining about dishonest foreign companies anymore! If the numerous food scandals weren't enough to convince you that Japanese companies were just as capable of being dishonest and putting their profits ahead of our safety, then the account fudging of Olympus and Toshiba probably should have. However, if you still hold out the belief that somehow Japanese companies are more honest than their foreign counterparts, this may change your mind...ok, so maybe this isn't the biggest scandal to ever come out of Japan, but I still think it's extremely misleading and bordering on fraudulent business practices. Back home, we call it 'false advertising' and if a company is guilty of it, they face huge fines.

So, what am I talking about?


Have you ever bought refills for your dish soap or shampoo and decided that buying the bigger one is a much bigger deal because it's '2 times' the size of a regular bottle? Yeah, me too. You can't see it clearly in this picture, but if you have one in your kitchen cupboard at the moment, go have a look at it. Do you notice anything about the amount? That's right! It's not 'two times' the size, it's only 1.8 times. To me that is clearly misleading advertising. And don't give me any excuses about the kanji's meaning either-I know that the company can claim it is 'two refills', not two times. However, anyone buying that bottle assumes it is double the amount of dish soap when, in fact, it isn't. That is the definition of false advertising.

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Maybe. But it's just one example in our daily lives. How many more could we find if we really started looking? And for bigger things as well? So, what's my point? Am I trying to imply that Japanese companies are all dishonest. Not at all. All I'm saying is that we should be informed consumers about everything we buy and don't assume that something is 'true' or 'safe', just because it's from Japan.

Have a great day!

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