Scuba diving rocks!

 Good evening everyone,

It looks like you're having another gorgeous day in Hiroshima, enjoy it because it looks like you'll get some rain this weekend.  Luckily, it'll stay warm for you and should clear up by the time I get back.

Don't even ask me what I did yesterday...I can't remember. After today's scuba diving, I can't remember anything else.

Have you ever done it? If you have, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you should try! 

It really is a whole new world! Life below the waterline is pretty amazing. It's weird when you think about it, we can find someone within 3metres using a satellite from outerspace, but we've only mapped less than 1/10 of the ocean.

Now I can see why, I swam around for like half an hour or so underwater and probably only saw an area of 500m2 or less...ha ha!

I found it so easy to get used to. My friend was struggling, which is weird because he was the one who really wanted to try it and is a much better swimmer than me. But he couldn't get used to the breathing at all. I admit that it took some getting used to, but you just have to get used to breathing in and out with your mouth. After that, everything else is easy!

I saw so many fish! It was like being in the 'Finding Nemo' movie...minus the sharks and exploding ships...ha ha! But all the colorful, tropical fish were so abundant. I couldn't even concentrate on just one!  When I found one beautiful one, another one caught my eye...I was like a kid in a candy store! Ha ha!

Tomorrow, we're having a lazyish day around the hotel-just swimming in the ocean and pool and then doing some shopping (so if you want a souvenir, you'd better ask before then!) and going to an Indonesian dinner and show at night. 

That sounds good to me! Even though I enjoyed today, I'm knackered!

Have a great night!

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