Indonesian taste

 Good evening everyone,

Are you enjoying the rainy weather? I guess it's going to rain for most of Sunday and then a bit on Monday as well. Tuesday and most of the week will be overcast and we probably won't see much sun till the end of the week.

Every place I've been to has a smell. It's not only me who thinks so. There have been many studies over the years that have proven that our sense of smell is the strongest one for evoking memories and feelings.

So, when we smell things, it often brings back memories for us.

My first smell of Japan was of fish. I'm sorry but it's true-I know it's not the sexiest smell in the world to have associated with your country, but it's true. Right from when I got off the plane at the airport and was riding on the Narita Express, the strongest memory I have is of a fishy-smell.

I've never been to Korea, but I can imagine the smell of kimchi must be so powerful for first-time visitors.

In Canada, I've heard from a couple of Japanese people, the strongest smell was laundry detergent. It's kind of funny...I guess there are worse smells to have associated with your country.

Indonesia definitely has a smell too. It's hard for me to put a name to it though. It's a mix of incense, spices and flowers. Believe me, there are worse things to smell... like fish...ha ha!

Have a great night!

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