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As usual, they are getting dumped on in other areas of Japan from the most recent tropical storm-Hamamatsu is experiencing some seriously flooding and over 73,000 people have been evacuated. Here in Hiroshima, it's going to be a regular old rainy day-and it's not even going to be that heavy. To be perfectly honest, it's not even raining at the moment, but we will get some rain again later this morning. We may see some rain tomorrow as well and the grey, overcast weather will continue through the week and into the weekend. It's also going to be kind of cool, with temperatures 2C or 3C below normal.

I'm not that into anime, in fact, outside of movies from the Ghibli Studios, I probably couldn't name any Japanese anime outside of Doraemon and Anpanman (and they don't really count, do they? They're more kids shows, than 'anime', right?). And I don't own a single anime item/character, but I would be tempted to get this...

LP 0

It's an awesome hanging planter from anime retailer Benelic, which may give us a clue on what happened to the Castle in the Sky from 'Laputa'. Going on sale later this month is the Castle in the Sky Laputa Hanging Planter Laputa Castle, which is far more elegant in appearance than its clunky name.

Since Laputa is located in the sky, at the center of a swirling, storming cloud cocoon, the planter isn’t designed to sit dully on your kitchen counter or garden footpath. Instead, the reconstruction of the castle, made of resin, stainless steel, and brass, hangs by three chains, allowing for it to be properly positioned in midair.

However, as any fan of the film will tell you, only half of Laputa’s mystic atmosphere comes from its deserted, crumbling castle. Just as important is the way the structure is being overrun by vines and other vegetation as nature takes back the fortress. Thankfully, just add some soil and seeds to the planter, and soon enough you’ll have the same effect to admire in your home.

LP 2

Personally, I'd probably put a hanging vine in it instead of the plant they use in the sample, but that's just me.

The Laputa hanging planter is priced at 4,000 yen (US$33) and goes on sale later this month at Donguri Kyowakoku locations and the chain’s online shop, if you feel like it's time to give your favourite English teacher a random present...ha ha!

How about you? Are you even a little tempted to pick up this hanging planter? It's a bit pricey for my budget, but even still my room is dying for a couple of hanging planters...

Have a great day!

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