Have you ever had a Paw Paw?

Good morning everyone,

Today is going to continue warm and sunny and tomorrow will as well, although there's a chance of rain in the morning tomorrow before the sun pops out again in the afternoon. Monday and Tuesday will also be mostly sunny and highs will continue to be a couple of degrees below normal for this time of year-we can expect daytime highs to be around 27C or 28C till the middle of next week (when, as of right now, it's supposed to drop down to the mid 20s).

So, last week a student brought in a couple of pieces of fruit for me to try. She called them, "Po-Po-". I'd never heard of them and she told me that she often had them with her grandfather when she was a kid, but can never find them in the stores so she decided to plant a tree in her garden. They're tough to describe, so here's a picture.
Apparently, they never became commercialized because the skin is too soft and they go bad within a couple of days being picked, so they're difficult to find in stores.

I did some searching and found out that they are actually native to Canada and America and we called them Paw Paw. As soon as I tasted it, I knew what it was. Have you ever tried one? It's difficult to describe. It's a distant cousin of the Papaya and tastes like a mix between a banana and a mango. It has a decidedly tropical taste despite growing in temperate places like Northeastern Canada.

It tastes good just by itself, although it's a bit tough to eat because the skin and fruit are both really soft. It also tastes good when fried  and I bet it tastes pretty good in a smoothie too.

If someone ever offers you a Paw Paw and you don't want to eat, please bring it in to Urban English School! I'll gladly take it off your hands! Who knew I could get such a great taste from back home here in Japan?!

Have a great day!

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