Japanese-style Wedding (not mine)

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It was (and still is) trendy for Japanese people to hold a traditional Christian-style wedding complete with minister (or sometimes an English teacher posing as one), so it is only natural that some Western people would be interested in a Japanese-style wedding. And JTB is helping them out with that...

Couples who are looking for a unique ceremony can now sign up for a new travel plan that allows them to experience a Japanese-style wedding and photo session at the Asakusa Shrine.

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Not only do you and your betrothed get dressed up in kimono costume, but you can also experience a simplified Shinto wedding ceremony. For those who would just like the photos it is possible to arrange for pictures only at the Shinto shrine or garden area.

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Husbands- and wives-to-be who are considering a special destination wedding, here is an example of what you can get from Royal Road Ginza Global Lounge:

– Wear a kimono as well as get your hair and makeup done
– Hold a San San Kudo ceremony (sipping sake from the same cups to seal the vows)
– The photos from the shoot will be sent to the customer within a month
– Prices start at Y200,000 (US $1,661.97)

For an extra Y20,000 ($166.20), you can ride around Asakusa Shrine in a rickshaw for 60 minutes.

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This wedding plan might not be for everyone, but you will surely be able to brag to all your friends about the unique wedding experience you had in Japan.

That seems really cheap, doesn't it? I suppose it doesn't include the actual wedding party which is the most expensive part of a wedding. I guess if you wanted to elope, you could get married for the low, low price of Y220,000. And your family and friends would probably love you for it, because you'd save them so much money too! (In Japan, guests are expected to bring cash gifts starting at $300 and getting higher and higher depending on how close you are to the bride and groom).

I'd do it, just to save the hassle of organizing everything...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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