Does doing these things alone make you feel embarrassed?

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Make sure you take your umbrella with you today. It'll start raining later this morning and it's supposed to continue for most of the day. Tomorrow will see rain off and on and then it should clear up by Friday. From Friday, it's going to be mostly sunny for Silver Week, but the cool weather will stick around for the foreseeable future-no complaints from me. I love this weather!

Sometimes doing stuff by yourself is the best way to go. For me, going for a run and grocery shopping are two things I prefer to do alone. There are plenty of people out there who prefer to go to out alone; catching a movie or a show by yourself can be great if you just want to enjoy the show, for example. But still, there are some times that doing something alone can be downright embarrassing.

So, to find out what the worst was, the Japanese website goo polled some of their readers to find the top 10 times they’re embarrassed to be seen doing something alone. Check out the ranking and see how many you agree with!

In polling 250 of its female readers, goo has found the top ten things Japanese women don’t want to be seen doing alone. This seems like an oddly specific question at first, but it’s actually a rather interesting one when you think about it. What is a thing you’ve been embarrassed to be seen doing alone? For me, it’s any time I’m taking a photo. Even when I’m sightseeing or just want to grab a quick snapshot of something funny, I feel incredibly self-conscious taking a photo in public if I’m alone.

Ranking of Times When Japanese Women Feel Uncomfortable Being Seen Doing Something Alone (Japanese people love long titles, don't they? Ha ha!)

1. When singing karaoke alone and the staff brings a drink into the room — 16 percent
2. When striking a pose while taking a selfie with a selfie stick — 14.7 percent
3. When taking purikura alone — 12.5 percent
4. When alone in the sales area for men’s underwear — 11.2 percent
5. When eating yakiniku alone — 11 percent
6. When staying at a ryokan alone — 5.6 percent
7. When eating alone at a table at a restaurant (besides an izakaya or chain restaurant) — 5.2 percent
8. When eating a large portion at a gyudon restaurant — 5 percent
9. When drinking at an izakaya alone — 4.8 percent
10. When at a sightseeing spot like a waterfall or a cliff alone — 3.98 percent

Oh, yeah, going to karaoke alone is fine, but when the staff bring in a drink and you’re singing "Sekai Hitotsu Dake no Hana" to yourself, the awkwardness is definitely at level maximum. And you can tell them your friend is just in the bathroom, and they’ll nod and smile, but you’ll both know it’s a lie. On the other hand, I'm not sure what’s so wrong with going to sightseeing spots alone, I can see why it might be a bit lonely, but is it embarrassing?

And while I like running alone, I hate going to races alone. I always feel like people are staring at me and feeling sorry for me for having no friends to enter a race with...ha ha!

How about you? What don't you want to be seen doing alone?

Have a great day!

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