I wanna' go to Haneda...just for the souvenirs!

Good morning everyone,

The weather is still awesome! I'm really enjoying this Silver Week holiday...unfortunately the next Silver Week is 5 years away! As for this week, the nice weather will stick around till Friday when it's going to cloud over and then we may see some rain on Saturday. The good news is that it's expected to clear up on Sunday and be sunny and warm again!

I'm seriously annoyed that I didn't know about this before I went home to Canada last year. There are some seriously delicious-looking cakes/treats which are sold at Haneda and ONLY at Haneda. I can't even choose which ones I want to try! I want to try them all! Here are my top 9 (not in any particular order).

1. Arnico’s Tokyo jewel roll (ruby)

This roll cake gets its fancy name from the glistening red (strawberry-flavored!) icing that coats it. Rolled inside the spongy cake is a white chocolate ganache made with real vanilla beans, and you’ll also find freeze-dried raspberries inside. It can be yours for only Y1,543.


2. Arnico’s Haneda roll (white)

Another unique roll cake from Arnico, this one is made to evoke images of fluffy white clouds with its sour cream icing, and bright rays of “sunlight” orange peel accenting the sweet cream filling with a bite of tart fruitiness. It will set you back Y1,650.


3. Anniversary’s painted macarons

These beautiful macarons are sweetly decorated with little pictures of the Ueno Zoo panda, Tokyo Skytree, and more. A box of five is Y1,296.

▼ Left: Painted macarons; Right: Haneda airplane pudding


4. Pastel’s Haneda airplane pudding

Enjoy the rich creaminess of Pastel’s well-known custard pudding, topped with a generous serving of whipped cream and a cocoa powder stenciling of an airplane. One cup costs Y432.

5. Tokyo Banana’s maple banana

Possibly one of Tokyo’s most famous souvenirs, Tokyo Banana gets a makeover with cute heart designs on its spongy cake exterior, and an even sweeter taste-makeover with maple-banana flavored custard creme.


A box of four is Y560 yen, but they come in boxes of eight and twelve as well.

6. N.Y. Caramel Sand

No, this is not sand from the beaches of New York, but just a unfortunate abbreviation of the Japanese word for sandwich’ sandoicchi. The “sando” half is often Romanized as simply “sand,” even if it doesn’t quite work in English.

Unlike actual sand you would find on the beach, these “sands” will please your tastebuds, with smooth caramel rich chocolate sandwiched between two crisp, delightful cookies.


A box of four is Y540 yen ($4.50), but they come in a bunch of different sizes all the way up to a box of 40 which is Y5,400.

7. Times Cross’ baum shokunin lemon cake

Plentiful fresh lemon peels add just the right amount of tartness to the sweet butter cake of this baumkuchen (literally “tree cake”, a traditional layered German cake popular throughout Europe and Japan). A box of four is Y540 yen.

8. Karl Juchheim’s Honig Apfel Baum (honey apple)

This special baumkuchen contains an entire apple inside, steamed to tenderness while still maintaining a satisfying crunch, for Y1,728.

▼ Left: Baum shokunin lemon cake; Right: Honig Apfel Baum


9. Krispy Kreme’s Mercedes-Benz doughnuts

Choose from the Berliner custard, framboise (raspberry), or sachertorte (Austrian chocolate torte). Better yet, get a sampling of all three in the limited edition box only available at Haneda Airport. A box of three goes for Y720.


I'm tempted to fly to Haneda just for all these great treats! 

And if anyone is on holiday and flying back through Haneda and are wondering what to get their favourite teacher...look no further than any item on this list!

Have a great day!

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