Pretending to be a tourist in Miyajima

Good morning everyone,

This week of awesome weather just won't end...or to be honest, it won't end today. Today will get up to 28C and be sunny all day. From tomorrow though, it's going to be overcast for a couple of days and it's looking like we'll see some rain on Saturday. Sunday will clear up, but it'll be a bit cooler next week with highs around 25C.

I didn't want my Silver Week to be spent completely at home, so I decided to go to Miyajima yesterday for some grilled oysters. Yesterday was supposed to be the 'peak' travelling day for people returning from their Silver Week holidays-which seems strange to me. If this were Canada, the busiest time for heading home would be around midnight tonight as people tried to squeeze as much time as possible into their holiday. But this is Hiroshima and I've lived here long enough to get used to the fact that, for the most part, Japanese people usually want one day of being at home before they head to work.

And that might be true, but yesterday was still insanely busy at Miyajima. Of course I knew it would be-it was a holiday. The surprising thing was the number of Japanese people compared to foreigners. The last two or three times I've gone there, it's felt like I was in another country because there were so many foreigners. Not yesterday. I hardly saw any foreigners at all yesterday.

I didn't really do anything touristy. I wanted to climb Mt. Missen, but gave it up because I knew it would be crowded and slow-moving and would be more frustrating than fun. Of course I drank Miyjima beer and ate grilled oysters-no trip to Miyajima would be complete without doing that. But the one thing I did do was look for the street just above the busy shopping street. I forget what it's called...Machiya or something like that, anyway, whatever it's called, it was great. There were almost no people at all. It felt like a different town. There were a couple of nice cafes that I'll definitely try the next time I head to Miyajima and a couple of restaurants as well that looked good (and not insanely over-priced). If you're ever in Miyajima and finding yourself overwhelmed by the crowds at Itsukushima Shrine or the grilled oyster shops, it's like a breath of fresh air. Head there and have a coffee or two to recharge your batteries so you can face the crowds once again...

As for today, I'll probably head to school to get ready for work this week and then do some grocery shopping...just take it easy before work starts up again...kind of like a native Hiroshiman! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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