Is that a 'marriage'?

Good morning everyone,

So, who ordered the rain? It certainly wasn't me! But it could just be Mother Nature's way of symbolizing how everyone is feeling about going back to work today...ha ha! Tomorrow will be overcast and we may see rain again on Saturday. I guess we shouldn't complain, we had more than a week of sunny, warm weather before last night.

Yesterday on some news program I saw a reporter asking a couple how they had spent the Silver Week holiday and the wife said that she had gone to Europe with her daughter while her husband stayed home. I didn't catch the details about why he didn't go, but she left him Y10,000 spending money for the week and then jetted off to Europe where she proceeded to spend over Y700,000 on her and her daughter. Now, seeing as most of the people reading this are Japanese, you might not think anything of it, but I was floored when I saw the interview.

It wasn't so much the fact that they took separate holidays-although that is part of it. Usually back home when a married couple takes separate holidays, it's a pretty good sign that their marriage is on the rocks. But it was more her attitude about the whole thing. She seemed to think that it was her right to go out and blow that kind of cash while he was expected to 'make do' with only Y10,000.

It's hard to describe it, but it made her look really selfish in my eyes. I guess everyone has their own definition of 'happiness', but are they really happy? I can't believe it.

I'm not sure why that interview touched a nerve with me, I see or hear the same kind of thing happening all the time here in Japan. So, why was this one so memorable? I can't say, maybe it's because I do see it all the time, that I just reached my breaking point. I actually had to change the channel before I started throwing things at her on the tv...ha ha! maybe I wasn't that annoyed, but I did change the channel. I couldn't stand to look at her smug face anymore.

What's my point, you ask? Well, I guess I really haven't got one. It was a slow news day and that report really ticked me off and stuck with me, so you have to put up with me going on a short rant about it. It could be because I'm grumpy about having to go back to work today too...ha ha! Actually, to be honest, I 'm looking forward to getting back to work after the Silver Week holiday.

I promise that I'll be in a better mood tomorrow!

Have a great day!

PS Tell your husband or wife or mom or dad 'Thanks' today...for whatever reason. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

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