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 Good morning everyone,

Did you get caught in the rain yesterday? Luckily for me, I didn't. And the good news is that the forecast has now completely changed. The sunny, warm weather is back starting from today, so you won't have to cancel your bbq plans for Saturday! Temperatures will remain in the high 20s till the end of next week and be accompanied by mostly blue skies. Can't complain about that kind of weather in late September, eh?

Japanese people love Snoopy. I still can't convince a lot of my Japanese friends that Snoopy is not the name of the famous comic strip, he is not even the main character. The main character is Charlie Brown, who is Snoopy's owner, and the comic strip, called "Peanuts" follows the lives of him and other kids in his school and neighbourhood. He's often called the 'lovable loser', because he never seems to get what he wants and he always seems to be depressed.

Anyway, there's a Peanuts movie coming out in November (I have no idea when it's being released in Japan) and to promote the movie, they've created a website where you can "Peanutize" yourself. No, Peanutize isn't a real word, but you should be able to guess what it means-adding 'ize' to the end makes it a verb, right? So if you Peanutize yourself, it means you can turn yourself into a Peanuts character.

Check out this handsome devil! Who can it be?
Peanutize me Jerry

Of course it can only be your favourite English teacher! Well, if not your favourite, then at least it might be the best teacher at Urban English School! Ha ha!

If you want to Peanutize yourself, check out the Peanutizeme website by clicking below:

Sorry if the link doesn't work, between FC2 being uncooperative and my lack of IT skills, links, movies and pictures that I want to appear, often don't. Don't be lazy! Type the address in yourself if it doesn't work! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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