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Whether you’re a struggling college student or just trying to save some money by reusing and recycling, here are some ideas from Japanese people that have proven to be very popular on Twitter. Some of them may look a bit silly, but you will thank these ingenious users for their clever ideas as you wonder why you never thought of these before.

Speakers for your smartphone

 lifehack speakers      

Keep your wallet happy and heavy by saving some money when you create your own speakers. This easy setup requires two small paper cups and a toilet paper roll. Cut holes in the cups that align with the TP roll, add a little tape for stability and you’re finished! Not only will the tunes be bumping from your amazing setup, but it also works as a phone holder!

Laundry clip makes a perfect smartphone holder

lifehack iphone holder

Most smartphones are designed so that they can’t be propped up against anything without sliding down again. It makes them look sleek and futuristic, but makes it difficult to set it up so you can watch something. This is why you will see a bunch of solutions in electronic stores that will prop up your phone, but cost you a bit of money. But, fear not! Take one of those insanely cheap clothes line clips and clip it around your phone! It works not only when you clip it horizontally (which is perfect for watching Netflix), but to stand your phone vertically as well!

Keep your children or significant other from playing games all night

lifehack video game lock

We’ve all got that person in our life that plays video games for a little too long. For those people, look no further than a little lock that fits perfectly through the prong holes of a power cord.

Chocolate box or 3DS cartridge holder?

lifehack chocolate game cartridge holder

For those who get chocolate for special occasions, (realizing that you’re craving chocolate is a special occasion, right?) and have a surplus of 3DS games, have you ever thought that the square containers for the chocolate might be a perfect case for the games? This Twitter user found out that they fit perfectly. Why didn’t we think of this before?

Keep your mosquito repellent in a CD case

lifehack mosquito coil holder

Mosquito repellent coils are just one of the ways to keep the bugs at bay, but if you’re not careful, their fragile nature will break from a bump on the road while heading to your destination. Keep that from happening with a spare CD case; we imagine people have a lot of those lying around. Or maybe not, because who buys CDs anymore?

Ice cream lid for your camera lens cover

lifehack camera lens cover

Anyone with a DSLR camera knows just how easy it is to put the lens cap cover down and never find it again. Other times it just randomly falls off when you are out and about. When that happens, be sure to drown your sorrows with a small cup of ice cream and then use the lid as a replacement cover! You’re definitely killing two birds with one stone with this hack. Just make sure to lick any residual ice cream from the lid first. The lens in the picture above happens to be a 72-millimeter lens.

Prevent your iPhone charger cable from fraying

apple phone cord saver

If you’ve ever owned an iPhone or iPad, then you have likely experienced this problem. The cord right below the bit of plastic that plugs into the phone always seems to fray and the wires get exposed. To prevent that from happening, after purchasing your new Apple product, immediately take the spring from a ball point pen and fit it over that weak area. You will never suffer from that problem again!

I don't know how many of these I'd actually use...the laundry clip phone holder might be a good idea, but I never watch videos on my phone....the mosquito coil in a CD case is brilliant, I'll definitely use that if I ever go camping in Japan.  I like the last one be honest, I treat my cables pretty well, I've never had one fray on me. But I've seen it happen to a lot of my friends. I plug my phone in every night before I go to bed and don't use it at all when it's charging, so that could be why my cables never fray like that. Still, it's a pretty easy way to protect your cables. It does look like it might require a bit of effort to get it on...still, it's free and if it saves you having to buy a new cable, it's worth it, if you ask me.

Have a great day!

PS Let me know if any of these worked for you.

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