The new 'normal'

Good morning everyone,

With the exception of Thursday and Friday, this is looking like a nice week for weather. Today will be as hot and sunny as it has been recently and tomorrow will be a tad cooler with a high of only 26C. After the rain/cloud of Thursday and Friday, we should see the nice weather return in time for the weekend.

You'd think that after having a couple of days off, I'd have some interesting topics to write about. That couldn't be further from the truth. I've got nothing. Ha ha!

I did read an interesting article about the Mt Ontake eruption last year. Most articles lament the lack of warning and the unpreparedness of local areas to deal with disasters. This one came up with a different conclusion, it calls it the 'normalcy bias'. Basically what it means is that we get so used to disasters in Japan-like earthquakes and volcanoes that we stop taking them seriously. Or another way of looking at it is, that in the middle of a disaster we see people doing normal things-taking pictures, chatting, etc. so we look at the disaster as less serious than it might really be.

Of course being able to predict an eruption or an earthquake would be the best-case scenario, but science isn't at that point yet (and may never be). So, we should be more quick to react whenever a natural disaster is occurring. However, it seems like there is one happening every other week now and we've become immune to them. I know I've been guilty of it. In Hiroshima, we have had so many typhoon warnings in the past couple of years and haven't experienced anything close to typhoon weather, so I've completely stopped changing my routine whenever a typhoon is approaching. I still ride my bike to work. I don't shutter my windows...heck, I don't even take my laundry poles down anymore. And it's inevitable that a big typhoon is going to hit Hiroshima at some point and cause a lot of damage (hopefully no deaths or serious injuries) and we-I mean the other people like me who have started to treat disaster warnings as 'normal'-will be regretting our lack of preparation.

Are you like me? Have you stopped taking disaster warnings seriously?

Seeing as typhoon season is nearing the end for this year(still a month or so left) I may not get a chance to put it into practice this year, but I'll definitely try to pay attention more next year...maybe...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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