Did you miss the Supermoon? You can enjoy this instead...

Good morning everyone,

They're still calling for rain later this evening and then off and on tomorrow before clearing up in time for the weekend. I hope so! I'm expecting to head out for a 20km run on Monday and I want it to be cool and a bit cloudy-not too hot, sunny or rainy. Highs all week will be in the mid to high 20s...it's shaping up like a nice autumn here in Hiroshima.
Moon watching parties and festivals are popular the world over—and with good reason-there’s nothing quite like drinking in the light of a full moon, is there? If you were living somewhere other than Hiroshima, you could have enjoyed it a couple of days ago (it was a bit too cloudy to really enjoy here) It’s magical and fun in just the right proportions. And now, thanks to the Korean design company Tale, you can buy the perfect glasses for your next moon viewing party!

moon (3)

These beautiful Moon Glasses mimic the phases of the moon as they’re filled, going from a new moon to a full moon as your pour in your liquid of choice. 

moon (2)

An award-winning Korean design company established in 2010, Tale Design offers a number of fashionable items through their website, but one of their most striking is the Moon glass. A “ceramic liquor glass for traditional rice wine,” the Moon glass is a festive take on typical liquor cups that will enliven any moon-viewing party!

Though the design isn’t exactly complicated, it certainly is beautiful in its simplicity. The inside of the ceramic glasses have a sort of bulge so that liquid creates the phases of the moon as it flows in.

moon (4)

To get the maximum effect, Tale recommends using white liquors like nigori-zake, though we suspect a White Russian would work just as well. And if you’re not a drinker, you can always just use milk!


moon (9)

For those living in Japan, Amazon Japan also offers the cups for a significantly lower price. They also have white versions, which look like they would go well with green tea, though don’t really look “moon-like,” if you ask us.

The large versions are Y1,790 and the small versions are Y1,490 via Amazon Japan, including domestic shipping which sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I'd buy them if I was the kind of person who drank liquor at home or entertained more often. If you want to buy a set and then invite your favourite English teacher over (or me if he or she isn't available), I'm sure it would be a big hit!

Have a great day! 

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