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Good morning everyone,

This great weather is looking like it's going to continue at least through the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are looking a bit cooler with highs of 22C and 23C, but that's still nice weather in my mind. There's no rain in the forecast and the overnight lows are still expected to remain in the mid to high teens.

So, we go weeks without any big news and then suddenly we're inundated with it...

*the TPP which we've been hearing about for ages has finally been agreed to. Now there will be tons of news of farmers in every country complaining. Speaking as someone who knows a bit about how farmers feel, I have to say that farmers are the biggest complainers about the government and they're the ones who get the most financial support. I say, 'Suck it up', it's about time we were able to buy food in the supermarket that wasn't falsely inflated to 'protect' the farmers with tariffs and government regulations.

*Japanese scientists have won two separate Nobel prize awards. As far as I can tell, one guy won his award because he's a bad golfer and the other guy won for proving that something weighed something (wouldn't it be more amazing if he could prove that something weighed nothing...that would be amazing! Ha ha!).

*two Yomiuri Giants minor league pitchers were caught betting on sports like high school baseball, MLB and Japanese professional baseball including Giants' games! One Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) executive promised a complete and exhaustive investigation while the president of the Giants vowed to resolve the problem before the playoffs. I don't know about you, but to me those two statements seem contradictory, don't they? This is a huge black eye for NPB in general and the Giants in particular. It'll be very interesting to see how this pans out. Knowing the way things work, they'll throw the players under the bus, a couple of executives will take temporary pay cuts and then they'll try to sweep it all under the rug. Am I becoming a bit too cynical? Sometimes I think so...either way, it'll be interesting how this is played out in the media, as the Giants are owned by Japan's largest newspaper. It's hard to believe that I'll find unbiased reporting about this in my paper (the English version of the Yomiuri Newspaper).

All of these just hit the news in the last day or so, so more details will emerge and I'll probably hit on one or more of these topics again in the near future, if it's interesting...

Have a great day!

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