The Carp's 2015 season is over.

Good morning everyone,

With apologies to Hokkaido which is currently being hammered by this season's 23rd Typhoon, the gorgeous fall weather will remain here in Hiroshima for at least the next week or so. The mercury will fall a bit by the weekend with highs in the low 20s, but it should be nice and sunny anyway...

So, the words in the title of today's blog were the last thing I heard before turning off the tv last night. If you're a Carp fan, it was pretty disappointing to have the season come down to one game and then lose. Mae-ken wasn't his usual dominating self, but he battled through 7 innings of shutout baseball before turning over the ball to Osera. Osera allowed 3 runs in the 8th and that was pretty much the end of the game...

But don't be too hard on Osera, he was pretty good the whole year for the Carp. Would I have used him in that situation? No way. But there is no reason to blame Osera, the Carp had only one hit off of the Dragons all night, and it's pretty hard to win a game if your batters only get one hit...

And, on top of that, the Carp lost 71 games this can choose any one of those games that they should have won or you can blame the umpires for the huge mistake they made a couple of weeks ago that cost the Carp a victory.

But aside from all of that, a team with more losses than victories hardly deserves to be in the playoffs. The Carp need to retool for next season. Are there any position players that are untouchable? Kikuchi...maybe...otherwise the GM should be looking to upgrade at every position other than the starting pitchers if he is serious about making the Carp contenders.

And if you are really dying for some baseball, you could always cheer for the Toronto Blue Jays. On July 31st, they were one game below .500 and were trailing the first-place Yankees by 8 games. They went on to win the division by 6 games and are starting their playoffs tomorrow against the Texas Rangers. Go Jays! 

For the Carp...there is always next year...

Have a great day!

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