Awesome new bullet train in Nigata!

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Sorry again to those in Hokkaido who are still getting hammered by strong winds and heavy rain and...snow?! But here in Hiroshima, it remains awesomely fantastic! Mornings are cool and days are warm. If only I wasn't at work...c'mon Autumn Jumbo!

From an engineering standpoint, Japan’s famed bullet train or 'Shinkansen' is already a work of art. Recently, though, the country’s bullet trains have been putting a renewed effort into their appearance, taking inspiration from centuries-old tradition and science-fiction anime.

The latest Shinkansen to be unveiled, though, incorporates design cues more modern than tatami reed floors yet not as futuristic as giant robots. Instead, the idea is for it be a kind of travelling gallery of contemporary art, making it “the world’s fastest art appreciation” train according to East Japan Railways.

A special train needs a special name, and the new Shinkansen has been christened Genbi, combining the kanji gen (現), meaning “contemporary,” and bi (美), “beauty.” The Genbi Shinkansen will run along the Joetsu Shinkansen line between Niigata and Echigo Yuzawa Stations in Niigata Prefecture.

▼ Fittingly, the kanji used in the Genbi Shinkansen’s logo are heavily stylized.

GS 1

Seven of the carriages will be used as art exhibition spaces, with different painters, sculptors, and visual creators represented in each. The contributing artists have been announced as Nao Matsumoto, Yusuke Komuta, Kentaro Kobuke, paramodel, Naoki Ishikawa, Haruaka Kojin, and Brian Alfred.

GS 2

If you’d like your sense of taste to be stimulated along with your sight, there’s also a cafe. On the menu you’ll find sweets made with rice flour from Niigata’s prized (and pricy) Uonuma-grown Koshihikari rice and butter from dairies on Sadogashima Island.

GS 3

And it’s not like only passengers inside the train will have something pretty to look at, either. The non-windowed side of the Genbi Shinkansen’s exterior is covered with colorful photographs of Niigata’s Nagaoka Fireworks Festival, one of the largest in Japan, taken by photographer Mika Ninagawa, so people watching the train go by can enjoy some art as well.

GS 4

The Genbi Shinkansen goes into service next spring. Can you wait? I know I'd love to hop in it for a spin if it were a bit closer...

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