Want to have a bath?

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was a bit more overcast than I expected, it kept looking like it was going to rain all day but luckily it never did. Today will start out cloudy and then slowly clear up and then we can expect mostly sunny weather all week and a bit warmer than it was yesterday. Highs will be 24C or 25C all week with overnight lows in the mid teens. It's perfect running weather...now if only my feet didn't hurt so much, so I could run more often...sigh...

It's no secret that Japanese people love hot springs. They are ubiquitous with Japanese-style inns and can be found in almost any part of the country. No overnight trip would be complete without heading to the bath for a luxurious soak. Different hot springs offer different health benefits depending on the minerals in the water and each one tries to attract visitors by claiming that their hot spring is good for cancer or good for your skin, etc.

Other baths tout their long tradition or by the fact that an emperor used their bath in the past. Many also promote local food specialties that you can enjoy at the inn before or after your bath. It's a great way to experience all of the different kinds of food spread throughout the Japanese archipelago.

However, Oita has taken a different approach. They are promoting the hot springs in Oita using synchronized swimmers...huh?! Sounds a bit weird to me. If you make even the slightest splash in the bath while getting in or out, some old guy will give you the skunk eye. Ha ha!

Nevertheless, that's exactly what they've done. Have you seen the commercial?

It's pretty entertaining. I'm not sure how successful it is at making me want to go to Oita, but it's certainly memorable.

I'm going to try to paste it here...as usual, if you can't see it...well, don't be so lazy! I can't do everything for you! Get off your butt and go to YouTube and search for it yourself! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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