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I'm loving this weather! Cool nights (great for sleeping) and mornings (great for running) and warm, sunny days-I don't remember last fall being this nice...either way, it's going to continue for a while yet. There is no change forecast in the weather for at least the next week or so, so enjoy it while you can!

School festivals are kind of a big deal in Japan, with students from kindergarten through university participating in their own school’s festival each year, usually involving games, food cooked by the kids on-site, and the occasional jaw-dropping class project like this full-size teacup ride.

University festivals will, in addition, have special performances or lecturers, and may also feature local or well-known musicians, comedians, and more.

But one university in Gifu Prefecture is spicing up their upcoming festival this month by bringing in none other than Mana Sakura—a Japanese adult film star—for a special talk show, with opportunities for a photo shoot and even a “Kiss-Abstaining Championship”! With cooler weather setting in, there’s nothing like the star of naughty videos to heat things up at a school festival…right?


Other universities have artists and comedians come to their school festivals, but Gifu University is having an AV actress at theirs. We actually call them 'porn stars' in English, but somehow 'AV actress' sounds cuter and less dirty, somehow, don't you think?

Using big pink letters, the flier reads: “Mana Sakura…at Gifu University!?”, “Mana Sakura Talk Show: The sex that women really want”, and “Free-talk time! Photo opportunities available! Kiss-Abstaining Championship!”

We are most intrigued by this championship thing, which in Japanese is “Kisu-Gaman Senshuken“, gaman being an oft-used Japanese word that can translate as  “restraint”, “self-control”, and “endurance”. What sort of challenges await the participants, we can only imagine, but it seems we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out for certain.

For you skeptics out there that suspect this is just some sort of joke, Ms. Sakura herself has confirmed her participation in the event via her Twitter account: “I earlier announced it was ‘Gifu University School Festival’, but it seems it is actually ‘Gifu University School of Medicine’s School Festival’. I was just notified of it now so I wanted to correct that. It seems like some of the fliers are incorrect too. (; ;) Again, see you guys on 10/31!”

It doesn't take a genius to work out that everyone in the audience will be a guy, eh? I wonder if I can take the 31st off...ha ha!

In all seriousness, how was it decided that one of Gifu University’s special guests would be a porn star? Your guess is as good as mine...but I'm sure the committee that decided it is full of single men (or soon-to-be single men...ha ha!). Or maybe they're geniuses and we'll see the enrollment at Gifu University jump next year.

Only in Japan...

Have a great day!

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