Can you read this?

Good morning everyone,

About the you remember what it was like yesterday? It's going to be the same today, tomorrow, the next day, the day after that and...well, you get the picture! The weather this week is going to be fantastic! Enjoy it! I know I will be.

Have you ever used the font 'Electroharmonix' when you were writing?

Probably not if you're Japanese, because apparently Japanese people can't read it. Can you read this next line?
electroharmonix font good morning

It's relatively easy. It says, 'Good morning'.

I can't find any confirmation in English, but according to one of my friends, it was originally designed by a Canadian with no knowledge of Japanese. He just looked at the Japanese writing system and bent, flipped and twisted the katakana to make them look like the 26 letters in the alphabet. Like this:
electroharmonix font alphabet

Now that you've seen the alphabet, can you read this longer passage?
electroharmonix font passage

It says, "It had been a terrible day for Darren, for he was lost without Jeff, and the thought that he might never see the poor dude again drove him bananas". Don't try to understand the sentence-it's just an example of the font. Although, to be honest, the expression 'drive me bananas' is pretty common. It's the same as 'drive me crazy'. They both mean to be really worried about something, so worried in fact that you become 'crazy'.

Anyway, could you read the font? If so, you might be one of the few Japanese people who can! Which of course means that you must have an excellent English teacher!    Or that you are managing to learn English despite your bad English teacher! Ha ha!

Either way, I hope you have a great day!

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