Canada's new Prime Minister

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This nice weather is like the Energizer just keeps going and going and going...the rest of this week and early next week is looking warm and sunny, but Tuesday of next week is looking cool and rainy, so our fantastic fall weather may be coming to an end...make sure you get out and enjoy it! (the Energizer bunny is a character from a battery company that promotes its batteries as long-lasting, 'They keep going and going...',)

So, after having Stephen Harper as our Prime Minister for almost 11 years, we've got a new one. Usually Canada's elections don't make international news-we're a pretty stable democracy and not an economic world power, so our country's policies rarely cause a world stir.

This election has for two reasons. The previous prime minister changed Canada's role on the world stage. We became less friendly as a country, (Canadian people are still friendly) and he made us care more about security and the economy than the environment and people's lives. Basically, he wanted to make Canada into a mini-America. And his politics worked for a while-the economy improved (a bit) but people felt like we were losing our identity as Canadians. The image of us in the world used to be a warm, nature-loving, peaceful country and we want that image back.

So, we booted Harper and brought in Justin Trudeau. He promised to cancel purchases of fighter planes we don't need, get us out of messy conflicts (like Syria) and become more involved in aiding the refugees from those areas.

All of these things are great for Canada, but why did the election make international news? Well, according to more than a few international newspapers, "Canada's new prime minister is super hot".
justin trudeau 
Yep, his good looks are what most of the media were talking about...<sigh>. It makes me worry about the state of the world when having a good-looking prime minister is bigger news than his policies. He'd never be prime minister in Japan with that tattoo. Heck, he couldn't even get a job at the Osaka City Office! Ha ha!

I know I'm looking forward to having a prime minister I'm not embarrassed about and having to constantly defend.

Oh, and cleans up nice too...ha ha! 
justin trudeau suit
I'm hoping that he can make Canada great again!

Have a great day!

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