A year without bbqs...

Good morning everyone,

The days are certainly getting cooler, but I have to say that the weather is still pretty nice when you think that we're only a couple of days away from November and I'm still wearing shorts on my way to and from work every day.  That'll probably end next week when overnight lows will be in the single digits (which means below 10C). Daytime highs will still be pretty nice with only Sunday looking both chilly and wet. Hopefully it won't be raining too hard, because I really, REALLY need to get out for a 30km run on Sunday morning-rain or shine.

Have I ever written about Sailor Moon lingerie?
SL 1

I don't think I have, but recently I feel like I'm being overwhelmed with Sailor Moon stuff. There's the lingerie shown above, swimsuits, cafés, pyjamas, etc. and if all of that Sailor Moon stuff gets you in the mood for marriage, no problem.

So you’ve finally met your real-life Princess Serenity or Prince Endymion and have decided to venture out together in holy matrimony, congratulations! Now it’s time to invest in a tiara, dig out the sexy Sailor Moon lingerie and start planning a wedding filled with special Sailor Moon details. And when it comes to filing the paperwork at City Hall, you’ll no longer be forced to confirm your nuptials with boring forms because now you can continue the fantasy with two very special Sailor Moon-themed marriage registration kits!

The two designs currently available come in special sets for Y3,000 each and include an A3-sized registration form to submit to your local City Hall (an extra copy is included in case of mistakes) and one commemorative A4-sized form printed on glossy, pearl paper to use as a commemorative keepsake. There’s also an instruction sheet to help you fill out the forms correctly to avoid any problems upon submission at City Hall.


The “Sailor Moon Romantic Love” design (pictured below) features a gorgeous image of Usagi sitting upon the crescent moon, with the words, “The moonlight is a message of love”.


The A4-sized commemorative form makes for a beautiful keepsake, with sections for love messages between bride and groom, including an area to write notes about the things they love about each other.

The “Sailor Moon Makeup Princess” forms (pictured below) feature gold motifs for a more subdued look.


The pattern is filled with transformation items from the series to help you go from regular civilians to magical spouses and make your marriage one that will last an eternity.

Now if I could only find a moon princess...and I'm not that picky-any princess will do! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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