Gender Equality

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I keep hoping the forecast is going to change, but it's looking more and more like we're going to have a wet and dreary weekend. The rain will start sometime tomorrow afternoon and continue all the way through Monday. Seeing as it's my last weekend to go out for a long run before the Kobe Marathon, you might find me jogging along Ota River even if it's pouring rain on Sunday or Monday...

Earlier this month PM Abe reshuffled his cabinet and the 20 ministers now include 16 men and 4 women.
PM Abe cabinet 

Yesterday, PM Trudeau announced his new cabinet of 30 ministers which includes 15 men and 15 women. A reporter asked him why gender equality was so important to him when he was choosing his cabinet and his answer was classic. Have you heard what he said? It was just 3 words..."Because it's 2015".
pm trudeau cabinet

I'm not knocking PM Abe-although I think that Taro Aso must have some secret blackmail information on Abe to keep his position as Vice Prime Minister despite his regular gaffes...ha ha! Nor am I trying to pump up PM Trudeau's tires. But I will say that his cabinet looks like 'Canada'. There are a few visible minorities, a guy in a wheelchair, some young, some old, and the 15 women I mentioned earlier. It really makes me proud of that cabinet...hopefully they'll do well.

Plus, I just thought it was nice to hear a straight answer from a politician for once. I don't know how long he'll keep it up for...being the leader of a country wears on people, I guess, so I'm enjoying his candor now while I can. It's very refreshing after the years of secrecy and double-talk by PM Harper.

I hope that we'll see more and more women join politics in Japan and a real concerted effort by the government to make a cabinet that actually reflects the population...will it happen in my lifetime? Maybe...once things start to change, they tend to snowball. But I'm not holding my breath. I guess we should be happy about the baby steps they're taking at the moment, eh?

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