Do you know what today is?

Good morning everyone,

Today is looking like it's going to be another warm one. Because it's the middle of November, I wore a vest yesterday and was sweating like a pig by the time I got to work. This El Nino weather is really wreaking havoc with my running plans too...ha ha! I'm sure some people might be happy with average daytime highs about 4C above normal, but don't include me among them. The average high for Hiroshima this time of year is 17C, but all week we can expect the mercury to hit 20C or 21C with overnight lows still in the mid-teens. That's way too warm for running.

Heck, if the weather on Sunday is the same as it was yesterday, I'll be lucky to finish the race at all, never mind running a sub-4 hour marathon.

So, today is November 11th, which makes it Remembrance Day in Canada. It's the time of year when we remember all the soldiers who have fought and died for Canadians' freedom over the years. It is observed by the countries of the Commonwealth (former colonies of the UK) as well as many other countries around the world. I think it's kind of sad that Japan doesn't have a holiday to remember all of the people who died during the war. I know that they have to be very careful about not appearing to glorify war, but Germany and Italy have remembrances for all the people who died during the war-not just soldiers.

On a lighter note, November 11th is also Pocky Day here in Japan. A Pocky is straight pretzel-like snack that looks like the number '1', so if you line 4 of them up in a row, you get 11.11 which makes today Pocky Day! Are there any discounts or special flavours released just for this day? You'd think so, but...apparently not. Glico (the makers of Pocky) just want us to eat their snacks this day...and I will! Ha ha!

But today is most important for being the anniversary of the day I left Canada for Japan all those years ago. Technically I arrived in Japan on Nov. 12th due to crossing the dateline, but Nov. 11th is when the journey started. I wonder when it will end and I'll return to the land of my birth...I can safely say it won't be today or week? Well, it depends how I do in the lottery...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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