Feeling like some ramen...

Good morning everyone,

The forecast for the weekend hasn't changed-we can expect some rain later today and then most of tomorrow before changing to cloudy weather on Sunday and clearing up for Monday. Highs will continue to be around 19C or 20C-about 3C or 4C above normal for this time of year. It's looking more and more like I might get rained on during my race in Kobe on Sunday. I won't mind if it isn't too heavy...at least it might help keep me cool.

There's a ramen festival going on at the old baseball stadium at the moment and it's going to continue until next weekend. I've heard that the shops will change after this weekend, so if there are any there now that you want to try, you'd better get there soon! I don't really know much about the details, other than what I've heard from people who have been or are planning on going, but according to them, it's got famous ramen shops from all over Japan.
hiroshima ramen festival

You'd better go early. This being Japan, the popular shops have huge lines, so you might want to get there at 11:30 sharp if there's one that you wanna' try, but don't feel like waiting for ages to get your ramen.

I'd go...in fact, I probably will go at some point anyway...but I'd be more excited about going if the sizes were smaller so I could try more than just one kind. You know what I mean? They're serving their ramen in regular-sized bowls and they're going for Y750, and as much as I like ramen, there's no way in hell that I'd be able to finish two bowls! Usually, when I go, I have one bowl, half a serving of gyoza and a beer and I'm stuffed.

Which means that I'll feel a bit of pressure to make sure the one that I get is good. I won't want to try anything new, because if I don't like it, that'll be Y750 down the drain. My suggestion would be to make half sizes and charge Y500 each. Will anyone listen to me? I doubt it. No one ever does (including my students...ha ha!), so why would they start now!?

Anyway, if you go, let me know if you find a good one, so it saves me the trouble of trying to guess...just so you know, I'm a miso ramen fan, so if it's not miso ramen, I won't be trying it...not this time anyway.

Have a great day!

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