A run to forget...

Good evening everyone,

I know what you're thinking...I should be saying, 'Good night', but that's only for saying good-bye at the end of the day.

There'll be no weather with today's blog, because...well...I'll be writing tomorrow's blog in about 7 hours and you can find the weather there.

Ok...so I ran the Kobe Marathon today and it was as hot as hell...literally. I've never run in a full marathon that was that hot before. I started out great...I ran the first 20km in about 1:50 and was well on pace for a sub-4 marathon. Then...the sun came up and the temperature skyrocketed and I was done.

I wasn't alone either. I usually run marathons and never hear sirens to pick up injured runners. Today, I heard ambulances at least 4 or 5 times.

It was way out of my enjoyable running range, so even though I finished in 4:38, it didn't feel rewarding at all because I had to walk the last 5km or so...that's right! I walked the last part of the marathon for the first time ever.

It wasn't that I was tired or sore, it was just too hot and I felt like I was going to throw-up...that is not a good feeling when you're in the middle of marathon. Usually, it's the first sign of dehydration. And with other runners dropping like flies, I decided to take it easy and not end up in the hospital...ha ha!

As for the trip to Kobe and everything else...well, check my blog again in a few hours!

Good night!

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