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Good morning everyone,

It's raining outside...still. My rain gear hasn't even dried off from yesterday and I'm going to have to climb into them again for the ride to work this morning. Luckily for me, the heavy rain won't start until I'm already at work. It's looking like we may get a fair bit of rain later this morning. They're calling for rain off and on for most of the day and then clearing up till the end of the weekend. The high today will be around 17C and then 20C tomorrow and 18C for the rest of the week.

We stayed in a pretty decent business hotel this time. Whenever we go to the major marathons, we always end up at cheap business hotels. I've got nothing wrong with them as long as I can control the room temperature-I'm still traumatized by the business hotel I stayed in in Osaka that was hotter than a friggin' sauna! Ha ha! I swear I lost about a kilogram in sweat the night before the race! ha ha!

Anyway, the areas around Shin-Kobe and Sannomiya were both already completed booked by the time we were making reservations, so we ended up staying at a place near Kakogawa Station, which is about 30 minutes by local train from Sannomiya. The entrance was very grand-it was all marble (well, fake marble) and had a huge lobby. I think you could probably hold a baseball game in that lobby.

But like most all business hotels in Japan, the room was only slightly larger than a closet. There was a 'unit bath' which no, isn't English, but we don't have anything like it back home, so I guess the Japanese 'unit bath' will have to do to describe it. Basically, the shower, sink, walls, ceiling, toilet and door are all pre-fab and you just glue it to the wall. It's about 180cm high and I can touch all four walls from anywhere in it. But the room was clean and I could adjust the heat, so no worries. I had a great sleep actually. Probably the best sleep I've had before a full marathon.

So, what made it a hotel to remember?

According to one of my teammates who had been surfing the net in their room, some lady had committed suicide in the hotel within the past year. He said the newspaper was a bit sketchy on details, but she may have jumped from one of the rooms and came down in the front area of the hotel.

Hmmm...maybe that's why it was so cheap...I'm not the kind of person to get freaked out by those stories, but some people are. How about you? Does staying in a room where someone was murdered or committed suicide bother you? Would you refuse to stay in the room?

Have a great day!

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