Another thing about the Kobe Marathon

Good morning everyone,

Did you survive the last couple of rainy days? I did. But I'm not sure my shoes did. One pair got really soaked and are still drying out. Luckily they'll have a few days to do so, because it's going to be sunny and warm all the way through the weekend with mostly blue skies and highs of 18C or 19C...oh, except for Monday, which is a national holiday-we call it 'Labour Day'. It looks like it may rain on Labour Day, but it's a bit too early to say for certain. Also, they're saying the mercury is going to dip down a bit from next Wednesday-the high will be 14C and the overnight low only 8C. I'll believe it, when I see it.

This may be the last story I can squeeze out of my trip to Kobe...hmmm...I should get out and do more on my weekends. If I did, it'd certainly make it easier to find things to write about in my blog.

Anyway, we were lining up for the run and they announced some of the runners who were competing in the race...I'd never heard of them. And the guest runners who were there to help cheer us along...never heard of them either. Then they announced the guest starter. Can you imagine who it was? I'll give you a hint.
norika fujiwara

Pretty easy hint, eh? ha ha!

That's right! The guest starter was Norika Fujiwara. Recently, I've been saying that Sumire (Junichi Ishida's daughter) is one of the prettiest actresses in Japan. However, if you've known me for a while, you'll know that I've used Norika as my example of the perfect Japanese woman for me for the longest time.

It was my first time to actually see her and she was way more beautiful in person! I always thought that when stars are on tv, they have professional make-up artists, lighting and designers to make sure they look their best, but she definitely looks better out in the real world. It probably has something to do with the fact that when she's on tv, she's surrounded by other beautiful people, but out in the real world, there are tons of goofy-looking people around (like yours truly) that make her stand out! Ha ha!

Oh...and the best part is that when I was running past the starting gate, she was waving at everyone-but she especially made eye-contact with me. That feeling of being singled out by her was ruined a bit by my friends saying the same thing...ha ha! Seriously though, she was beautiful in person. Have you ever seen a famous person up close and thought the same thing?

Have a great day!

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