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Good morning everyone,

The forecast for today has taken a turn for the better. They are no longer calling for rain-it's going to start out sunny and turn cloudy, but it's still supposed to get up to 20C or so. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same and then it's looking like rain on Wednesday with the temperatures starting to fall and by next weekend we're looking at overnight lows of 4C or 5C and daytime highs of 10C or so. That sounds like great weather for running, but it's going to be awful cold on the bike ride to work...

I headed to the old Hiroshima Baseball Stadium yesterday to check out the ramen festival. In the morning, after I finished my blog, I checked the opening time just to make sure and I'm so glad I did. I thought it opened at 11:30, but it actually opens at 10:00 on weekends and holidays. I decided to head there earlier-I got there about 10:30 and there was already a huge line. I can't imagine what it would have been like at 11:30!

The shop I wanted to try out had the longest line, so I checked out the other places. None of them had lines nearly as long, but they weren't short either. I figured if I was going to have wait in line for ramen, I might as well wait for the shop I originally wanted to go to. Besides, I was listening to a Leafs game live on my phone, so it was easy to pass the time.

I ended up waiting about half an hour or so. I didn't really check...

The place I went to was called, "Maruesu and Strike". Don't ask me why. It seems like it might be a collaboration between two shops or some kind of fusion ramen, because it says it's from Osaka and Sapporo. Or maybe they serve both Osaka style and Sapporo style ramen? Who knows? 

I chose that place because I love miso ramen but also because I like bigger ramen noodles and Sapporo has nice, thick noodles compared to the tiny noodles we get here in Hiroshima.

And the verdict is...(well, it's not really a surprise if you read the title of my blog...ha ha!)
ramen festival

It was worth the wait! It was very good ramen. I bet the original shop is even better though. The soup was fantastic, but because they were so busy, it was lacking a bit in style. It's hard to describe...it's like the difference between a burger that's thrown together in 10 seconds and one that is carefully put together. They both have the same ingredients, but somehow the one that is put together carefully (lovingly perhaps?) tastes way better. It was the same yesterday. They just threw it all together and it tasted great, but somehow something was missing...it wasn't made with love, if you know what I mean...ha ha! Still, all in all, it was great! And there are a few other foods you can get there if you're not into ramen-mostly sweets and stuff.

Have a great day! And if you're bored, why not head to the stadium for some ramen?

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