Getting my fill of oysters!

Good morning everyone,

Today is going to be a pretty good day for running. It'll be mostly sunny with a high of 14C, the race starts at 10:50, so it'll probably be around 10C at that time. Now, all I have to do is survive till the end...ha ha! Tomorrow is looking great too-they are no longer calling for rain and, in fact, it's going to be sunny and warm through Tuesday. Clouds will roll in on Wednesday and they are calling for rain on Thursday. After the rain passes, it's going to be a bit cooler with highs around 10C or so expected on Friday and Saturday.

Can you believe that I haven't had any oysters yet this year?! I'm usually waiting for the 'r' months to roll around so I can get my fill of oysters before they become unsafe to eat again.  You know that in English we say that we shouldn't eat any shellfish in months that don't have an 'r' (May through August). This adage dates back hundreds of years and some people believe it can be traced back to Roman times. I guess back then, the refrigerators didn't work as well...ha ha! Just kidding!

There are two reasons why we don't eat them in the summer. One is because of the growth of bacteria-bacteria loves heat, so when it's warmer, it grows faster and spreads more quickly. The second reason is that summer is spawning season for most shellfish, including our very own Hiroshima oysters, so the meat is thinner and not as delicious.

If you want to eat oysters in the summer months, fear not! It's perfectly safe if you do one thing...cook them thoroughly. Cooking an oyster to an internal temperature of 60C will kill any bacteria or viruses.

As for me, I like my oysters grilled. I'm looking forward to enjoying a few today in Miyajima even though they are way overpriced compared to getting them in Kusatsu or Ujina. But that's ok! I'll have a couple of momijimanju and some local beer as well! It'll make running up and down 4 mountains in 80 minutes worthwhile...ha ha!

I just remembered-most of my students had no idea that Miyajima has its own beer, so here it is. Don't ask me about the history of it, all of the information is in Japanese...
miyajima beer

Have a great day!

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