RIP Shigeru Mizuki

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was great and today will be as well. Tomorrow is looking like we may get some rain in the evening and overnight into Thursday. It'll clear up on Friday but be a fair bit cooler with a high of only 10C. Saturday and Sunday are looking pretty good with sunny skies and highs between 12C and 14C, which is pretty normal for this time of year.

I felt something I hadn't felt for ages yesterday-stiff legs. Because I've been battling injuries in both feet for about 7 months, I haven't been able to really run my hardest, so whenever I finished a race, I wasn't tired or sore the next day. On Sunday I could finally run the entire race and was pretty stiff on Monday-and it was a great feeling! I never thought I'd enjoy having sore muscles...ha ha!

The biggest news out of Japan yesterday was the passing of Shigeru Mizuki. I know him from his comics about the war and the Showa Era, but he is most famous in Japan for his comics about 'yokai', which are supernatural creatures that live in the spirit world (and sometimes our world) and virtually every Japanese author/cartoonist who uses them, owes their success to him. I wrote about him in detail either earlier this year or late last year when I first discovered his comics. They are more like history books than my image of comics and I'm looking forward to reading a couple more of them-he wrote a biography on Hitler as well as an autobiography that hasn't yet been translated into English. He was 93.

I took my bike to Kanagaki Cycle to get it looked at it. Recently, when I've been riding the bike, the chain has been skipping whenever I was riding up hill or starting from red lights. It was really annoying and getting worse and worse. I swung by Kanagaki to get the chain aligned and now it pedals as smoothly as it did when it was brand new. It was definitely worth the ride to Yokogawa. Now I need to decide if I should get knobbier, better grip tires for winter. The ones on my bike are a bit slippery and I can imagine they'll be useless if/when it snows. How about you? Have you got your snow tires on your car yet?

Have a great day!

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