Still looking for a good burger in Hiroshima...

Good morning everyone,

I don't know about you, but it's almost time to turn the heater on...what is today? I can't believe it's December 5th and I still haven't turned on my heater at home. And when I say 'heater', I mean anything that produces heat like a heated carpet, flooring, a space heater or a kotatsu. I haven't used any of those...yet. I may not for a while either. Today and tomorrow are going to be the coldest days of the week with highs of 13C and 12C. Then, it's supposed to warm up bit by bit until we get up to 17C by the end of the week. There's no rain in the forecast until next Friday, so it's sounding like pretty nice weather to me!

On the way home last night I decided I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so I had a bite to eat on the way home. To be honest, I had a craving for a burger...which is actually the main reason I ate out. I'm not sure when it opened, but there's a diner just east of the Tokkaichi stop on the streetcar line. I've been going past it for a while and wanted to check it out. It's along Aioi Street, between Tokkaichi and Honkawacho. If you're facing downtown, it's on the right side and it's called 'Ride Diner'. Don't ask me why...ha ha!

It's got huge pictures of burgers in the window, and I've been dying for a proper burger ever since I had that amazing one in Kobe. Here's what the burger I had last night looked like.
ride diner burger to describe it. I think the best way is to be honest. It is soooo close to being great. The bun was great, the sauce was great. It had tons of lettuce and sliced tomato which were fresh. So, why wasn't it great? Well, the patty left a little to be desired. Let's wasn't bad. In fact, it was the best pre-made patty I've had in a while. But therein lies the rub, it was a pre-made patty. Everything else about the burger was better than the actual patty.

So, can I recommend the place? Absolutely. Will I go there again? Sure. It only cost Y680 and it was a pretty decent sized burger. If you like MOS Burger, you'll like that one. It's a fair bit bigger and the price is similar. But if you're looking for a real, homemade burger, you will be left a bit disappointed...if you're in Tokkaichi and craving a burger, it'll do the trick! But I wouldn't go out of my way just to try it out.

Does anybody know any good burger places in Hiroshima?

Have a great day!

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