Keeping my hands warm

Good morning everyone,

Today is looking a bit cool and overcast with grey skies and a high of 13C expected. It should slowly warm up and clear up throughout the week until we get up to around 17C on Wednesday before the rain rolls in on Thursday and Friday.

Speaking of rain, it was the 2 or 3 days of rain last week that finally drove me to buy a new pair of gloves. I'm sure I must have mentioned in another blog that I've been wearing mismatched gloves for the past couple of years. In case you forgot, I lost a right-handed glove one year and a left-handed one the next and decided there was no way in hell I was going to be buying another pair.

So, I've been wearing one from each pair for the last two years. So, what was the last straw? Basically, it was because one of them wasn't water-proof. The left one was completely water-proof and kept my hands warm and dry in all kinds of weather. The right one was more like a wind-breaker. It just protected my hand from the wind-it worked ok in light rain too, but if it was raining hard, like last week, then it soaked through and wasn't very comfortable. Also, on really cold days, the fingers on my right-hand would get cold-but really cold days don't happen very often in Hiroshima.

However, last week we had a fair bit of rain over a couple of days and it sucked putting my hand into a glove that was still cold and wet from the day before! And now I am the proud owner of a new pair of gloves that should keep my hands warm and dry in all kinds of weather! They were toasty warm last night! I wonder how long it'll be till I lose one of them...if I do, please, please let it be the left one! Ha ha!

On another note, did you watch the soccer game last night between Hiroshima and Osaka? If not, I might be the first to tell you that Hiroshima won and are the league champions for the 3rd time in 4 years! That's amazing! If I can  find the time tomorrow, I may swing by Edion and see if there are any big sales!

The game was pretty exciting despite ending in  a 1-1 tie. If soccer was always played at that level, I think I could become a fan

Congratulations to San Frecce!  Don't talk to me about the Carp...

Have a great day!

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