Potluck Party Pressure

Good morning everyone,

It was raining pretty heavily on my way home last night and it's still coming down pretty hard. According to the weatherman, it should stop mid-morning though. Then it'll clear up throughout the day and we're looking at a pretty sunny weekend with highs around 14C or 15C, which is pretty nice weather if you think about it.

I'm off to a potluck party this weekend and have no idea whether my ideas will go over well or not.

The last two times we met up for a party, I took quiche and ribs respectively-and they both seemed to go over well. Although it's hard to tell to be honest, people are always so kind and will tell you something is good whether it is or not, just to make you feel better. Or they give you a backhanded compliment like, "That's really good...for a man". Ha ha! Am I supposed to be happy when I hear that? Ha ha!

Anyway, I've decided to make pinwheels and devilled eggs for this party.

Pinwheels are a kind of sandwich that is thinly layered with...well, with whatever you like and then tightly rolled up, so then when you cut them, they make for a nice presentation...and taste good. It's always a good idea to use colourful ingredients, because it makes them look better. I'll make two different flavours and hopefully they'll go over well.
pinwheel sandwiches

I'm also thinking about making devilled eggs. They're so delicious and so easy. I was describing them to a couple of students yesterday and they said that you have the same thing in Japan, but they didn't know the name for them. Basically, you take a hard-boiled egg, cut it in half and then separate the yolk from the white. Then you mash up the yolk with mayonnaise and whatever other spices you like...my mother often put some shallots in hers, but I can't find them in Hiroshima. I've also had ones with bacon bits as well. Then you sprinkle a little paprika on top and...voila!

The party's on Sunday, so I'll let you know how it went!

Have a great day!

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