Are cords in style?

Good morning everyone,

Have you dried out from the rain on Friday? I swear that I'm still not completely dried out! Ha ha! But I should over the next couple of days. It's going to be around 14C or 15C and mostly sunny till the middle of the week. However, it's looking like we may actually get some cool weather towards the end of the week with highs from Thursday expected to climb only as high as 9C or 10C and overnight lows falling throughout the week, with Friday looking the coldest at 2C.

When I was a kid, my grandma always used to complain about young people wearing jeans all the time. She couldn't understand why they were so popular. When working on the farm, my grandpa always wore the same set of clothes. It was kind of like his uniform, I guess.

He wore olive green pants and a matching olive green shirt. In the spring and fall, he wore it with a lambs-wool vest and a heavy blue coat in the winter.

My dad sometimes wore the same, but more often than not, he worked in jeans.

Grandma didn't really hate jeans, she just couldn't understand the point of them. She swore up and down that cords were way better than jeans. She'd always say that they kept you warmer in the winter and cooler and in the summer, so when we were growing up, she'd buy us cords-otherwise known as corduroy pants-every year. That's all I remember wearing as a kid-well, when I wasn't wearing shorts.

Then, they kind of lost their cachet in the 90s and haven't really made a comeback. I saw a pair at the Gap the other day and they were on sale for about Y2,000, so I picked up a pair and am going to try them out today.
 gap cords

I'm sure I'll be feeling a bit nostalgic all day...but hopefully I'll be warm and comfortable as well. If I like the way they fit and look, I'll be going back to buy a couple more pairs! Where else can you pick up a nice pair of pants in Japan for Y2,000?! No where!

Have a great day!

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