Is winter over?

Good morning everyone,

I didn't think it was that cold yesterday morning, but it was pretty chilly on the ride home last night. I'll be wearing my jacket today at least (rather than my vest). For the weekend, it's looking a bit warmer during the days, with highs between 10C and 13C, but the mornings will still be pretty chilly-dropping as low as 3C or 4C both days. The beginning of the week will be a bit warmer, but there's still a chance of rain on Monday.

There's no snow. Anywhere. Even in Tohoku and Hokkaido, where snow isn't usually a problem, over half of the ski resorts are still closed.

Gas companies are losing money-some are claiming that their sales are about 20% lower than usual.

Some department stores are already displaying their spring lines.

Can winter really be over?

Ahhh...take it from a Canadian, there is no way winter is over. It's just a late start-that's all. I mean, c'mon! Winter hasn't even officially started yet. It won't start for 3 more days...don't we think it's a bit too early to declare it over?

I promise you that by the end of February, we will all be complaining about the cold and tired of slogging through slush and snow (well, the slush and snow part probably won't be happening in downtown Hiroshima because that doesn't happen even in the coldest of winters) and shops will scrambling to dig out their winter clothes again...

I'm wondering if this warm weather will mean that I might actually be able to pick up some good deals during the winter clearance sale. Usually, the only things that go on sale are colours, styles or sizes that I'd never wear. This year, with people buying fewer winter clothes, I might actually find something worth buying in the bargain bin...I won't hold my breath, but I'll still go and check it out, in the new year!

Have a great day!

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